When is Enthusiasm a Bad Thing?

When is Enthusiasm a Bad Thing?

We all like enthusiastic people. They exude passion, interest and motivation that inspires us. However, can enthusiasm be a bad thing in the clinical trial process? The answer is yes. Let me explain.

When a patient with a terminal illness is considering going into a clinical trial, and they are being evaluated by the clinical investigator for enrollment in a clinical trial, enthusiasm on the part of the clinical investigator may be inappropriate. The investigator must demonstrate an objective demeanor.

Patients are very observant. If the investigator is overly enthusiastic the patient and/or their carers and relatives may receive the impression that the clinical trial is going to provide the efficacy that they are hoping for.  Yet, the clinical trial could be a first in man trial. In this case, the enthusiasm would be deceptive in giving the patient a false sense of what to expect from the clinical trial.

Patients, carers and parents must not over-read into the investigator’s expressions, enthusiastic or otherwise. What experience have you had in relation to your interactions with investigators? We want to hear from you.

Lorna Speid, Ph.D.

Founder and President