Vice President of Patient Liaison

Vice President of Patient Liaison

Vice President of Patient Liaison


The Vice President of Patient Liaison plays a crucial role in forging links with rare disease patients, patient groups and foundations. This requires someone who understands the rare disease space intimately and is well known and connected in the space. This person must have a background that allows them to make a significant contribution to the organization. Suggested backgrounds are executives in the life sciences. Other backgrounds are Physician, Pharmacist, Dentist or Nurse.  Although knowledge of the rare disease space is valuable, this person may or may not have a rare disease. Retirees with relevant experience are welcome.

Basis: This is a volunteer position

Reports to the President,  Dr. Lorna Speid

Patient Support Responsibilities:

  • Develop strategies to connect the PRDPF! organization to rare disease patients worldwide
  • To lead the Physician Liaison Committee and the Patient Liaison Committee
  • Develop strategies to forge links and connections for PRDPF! with patient foundations globally
  • Provide training to the committees that are formed to support the Patient Liaison function
  • Speak at patient conferences on behalf of PRDPF!
  • Write White Papers and Blogs on behalf of PRDPF!
  • Forge links with journalists and others who are seeking to understand the rare diseases space

Outreach Responsibilities:

  • Act as an ambassador for Putting Rare Diseases Patients First!
  • Help raise awareness and advocate for Rare Diseases Patients First!
  • Participate in media and public relations efforts when needed
  • Protect the confidentiality of patients, their families and our strategic information


Based in the USA

Required Job Qualifications:

  • At least 10 years of relevant experience
  • At least a first degree (Bachelors), and preferably a Masters or doctorate
  • Be self motivated
  • Have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Ability to empathize with rare disease patients and parents of children with rare diseases.
  • Ability to take the initiative
  • Self starter
  • Require the minimum of supervision
  • Integrity and good character are essential for this position
  • Ability to make telephone calls to hospitals, patients, clinics, patient groups, that are serving
    the rare disease patient community.
  • May have a rare disease, but this is not a requirement for the role. However, the ability to empathize with
    patients with rare disease is an important qualification

The closing date for applications is 4 May 2023.

  • Send an email to lspeid@prdpf.org with a cover letter explaining why you want to be considered for this important roles.
  • Provide a CV/resume.
  • The latter must detail past work experience and skills gained.